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Making smart building smarter.

The purchase of intelligent building systems is a major decision for any construction project or renovation. Are you getting what you paid for?

Owners, designers and contractors must consider the first cost of each building system, as well as the impact they have on the total life cycle cost of the facility. In order to get the most of this technology investment, systems must share functional data to produce long-term operating efficiencies and productive environments for buildings occupants and operators.

DAC will help you determine why to integrate your building systems in the first place, what information to exchange between them, and how to fit it into your construction delivery model.

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Building Automation systems

Building automation systems are the nexus of modern facility operations, active energy management and systems integration. Providing industry-leading platforms, DAC focuses on open-architecture building automation with flexible and simple user interfaces to ensure operators maximize productivity and efficiency.

Laboratory Control systems

Critical environment air flow measurement and precision control is vital for safe and efficient laboratory operation. And choosing a partner that understands these environments is crucially important. DAC has the experience and provides turnkey laboratory control system installation services, including lab air valves, controllers, fume hood monitors, room pressurization controls and monitoring.

Gas Detection systems

Hazardous environments demand specialized detection, monitoring and notification systems to ensure life safety in the critical area. When integrated into a building automation system, clients obtain immediate notification across their organization of any safety concerns. DAC operates in many industrial and specialized environments where we provide gas detection systems and UL-listed detection panels.

Lighting Control

The most effective energy conservation method is off. Lighting control systems provide an efficient means to operate, schedule and dim lighting in coordination with building occupancy, scene requirements or daylight harvesting. DAC provides turnkey, facility-wide lighting systems and innovative solutions for zone and room control, incorporating HVAC and shading into a total room automation strategy.

Metering + Power Management

Real-time feedback of utility consumption, interval data and power quality is essential for facility operations and active energy management. DAC works with you to design metering to the level of data granularity you require to get what you need from your facility.

Enterprise Energy management

To evaluate the performance of your enterprise facility assets, you must have access to relevant data and operational metrics. Whether dashboarding your portfolio data, analyzing infrastructure for resiliency, or benchmarking against national standards, DAC is here with solutions to manage energy across your entire enterprise and reduce your exposure to market or equipment anomalies.

Fault Detection + Analytics

Automatic fault detection turns building automation and metering data into actionable information to help operators prioritize maintenance, repairs and system modifications. DAC helps operators monitor and use this information to proactively identify equipment failure and opportunities for energy efficiency.

Systems Integration

We don't integrate for the sake of integrating. Using our dedicated software development team, DAC excels at integrating various building infrastructure systems for facility functionality. We use industry standard communication protocols and have the ability to write our own application program interfaces, consolidating building information into one simple interface.


Complete enterprise visibility.

Any interface. Anywhere. Anytime. When looking across your facility portfolio, it’s difficult to aggregate the right data to make informed decisions without tedious process. DAC makes it easy with the capability to monitor and control multiple facilities from a common interface – eliminating your redundant cost and giving you complete enterprise visibility.
You’re able to configure equipment, create schedules and analyze infrastructure data, plus respond to trends, alerts and issues – all from the convenience of your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also take the guesswork out of monitoring your facility portfolio, and better understand your collective energy use and building performance. DAC will help you do this, as well as monitor each location for energy anomalies and equipment failures.

DAC’s team of remote monitoring specialists are on call 24/7 to respond to your facility’s critical needs. As alarm conditions happen, DAC’s proactive service model allows us to diagnose your issues immediately, or dispatch on-site personnel when necessary.

We partner with world-leading building automation, software and HVAC equipment manufacturers to ensure your facility performs for its entire life-cycle.

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