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Commissioning Manager, Building Automation

Houston, TX

BAS Commissioning Manager Position Responsibilities

  • Manage all startup/warranty techs, coordinate with IT, Engineering and Installation departments to ensure that techs have all the tools, parts and information needed to efficiently startup projects and troubleshoot warranty issues. This includes vehicles, laptops, meters, controllers, engineering submittals, vendor manuals, and installation assistance etc.
  • Properly document defective parts to ensure that DAC provides all necessary information to ensure that our assets are utilized and job costed properly.
  • Ensure startup punch lists are finalized by Engineering/Software and installation.
  • Identify, produce and keep current all contract documents for the work to be executed and documented during project commissioning. Upon completion ensure as-built documentation and commissioning documentation is turn as part of the project Operations Manual.
  • Study and understand the project scope and conditions of our sales agreements with the project specifications and ensure project is commissioned within our scope of work. Identify, and become totally familiar with addendums, specification changes, and al changes issued to date that affect commissioning. Study and understand the contractual conditions under which we must perform our work. Recognize and work with the customer for temporary cooling and heating needs. Recognize and control changes and job conditions such as: delays, acceleration, suspension, occupancy, availability, sequence, construction, services, misinterpretation, errors, cardinal changes and warranty.
  • Determine procedures for process of start-up and commissioning. Generate, issue and maintain a DAC Commissioning standards book to all technicians.
  • Provide first response warranty service for projects. Coordinate with the service dispatcher to ensure warranty requests are received and responded to. Evaluate if requests are warranty and then perform the warranty task. Keep documentation on warranty issues and keep customer informed with completion records.
  • Provide feedback to Installation, Software and Engineering departments on quality issues that need improving.
  • Provide a monthly estimate percent completion report to the Project Manager by the 5th day of each month for the process of progress billings
  • Actively pursue the established profit margin for commissioning and warranty of projects and follow through to the end of the project make sure the estimating process is accurate. Obtain time sheets weekly from direct reporting employees. Review hours against progress and approve. Turn in the time sheets to the Human Resources.
  • Provide Project Closeout functions as required to complete the project and turnover to our Service Department. These duties include spot-checking software sequences, tuning PID loops, checking alarms and history data for accuracy and validity, reviewing graphics usability and functionality, ensuring panels are cleaned, and insuring as-built documentation is complete.

BAS Commissioning Manager Qualifications

  • High School Diploma required.
  • Four (4) year degree preferred.
  • Five (5) years of HVAC control system and field startup knowledge.
  • Ten (10) years of HVAC control system field implementation, startup and application engineering preferred.
  • Comprehension of the construction process as it pertains to the controls industry both on the job site and in the office.
  • Must know the capabilities of the control system being installed by the company.
  • Understanding of Building Automation Control theory. Must have general product and industry knowledge necessary to make related construction decisions.
  • Must have the ability to supervise people.
  • Possession of the skills needed to coordinate the tasks of commissioning, as built documentation, warranty and turning over to the owner a complete, operating control system.
  • Ability to learn, and the ability utilize current and new technologies to streamline procedures for commissioning.
  • Capable of educating customers and company employees on the application of the control.
  • Must be able to read and understand construction plans and wiring diagrams.
  • Must comprehend complex arithmetical functions to compute discounts, ratios, quantities, and sizes of various parts and assemblies. 
  • Must read and write English at college level. Must be able to understand and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


  • Health + Life Insurance

    DAC offers a cost-effective, comprehensive package of medical, dental and vision options for all employees. Employees are also eligible for company-provided and buy-up disability and life insurance options.

  • Paid Time Off

    DAC provides paid time off for all employees with escalating accruals for tenure.

  • Professional Development

    We encourage our people to excel in their careers and offer a reimbursement program to support their education, certifications and professional growth.

  • Profit Sharing

    Our success is based on the hard work of our people, and we provide a profit sharing program to reward them.

  • Retirement Savings

    We provide a 401K retirement savings program supported by a leading, global financial services firm, with matching company contributions.

  • Supplemental Insurance

    In addition to traditional insurance, DAC has collaborated with industry leading partners to provide employees supplemental options for life and health insurance.